Pengembangan Potensi Hasil Hutan Bukan Kayu Oleh Kelompok Sadar Hutan Lestari Wana Agung Di Register 22 Way Waya Kabupaten Lampung Tengah

Desi Indrasari, Christine Wulandari, Afif Bintoro


The utilization of forest products for the welfare of rural communities surroundings the forestmust be maintained its sustainability. The development of NTFP was expected to increase thediversity of forest products. Research was aimed to analyze the factors that affecting thepotential development of NTFPs by Kashuri Wana Agung.  This research was conducted inOctober 2015 at Sendang Asri and Sendang Mukti villages, Lampung Tengah regency.Research was using observation and interviews method with questionnaires, and analyzedusing SWOT. The result showed that the potential NTFPs in Wana Agung namely petai(Parkia speciosa), pinang (Areca catechu), alpukat (Persea gratissima), jengkol(Pithecellobium lobatum), and aren (Arenga pinnata). Factors to affecting the developmentof NTFP namely limited area, Kashuri’s creativity, and the market price. Based on SWOTsmatrix, NTFPs development can be done by supporting of government and related parties(NGOs and Kashuri’s). The support can be in extention education and training to developKashuri Wana Agung creativity to manage, process, and market the NTFPs product.

Key word : Kashuri, NTFP potential, SWOT

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