Keragaman Vegetasi di Blok Pemanfaatan Hutan Pendidikan Konservasi Terpadu (HPKT) TAHURA Wan Abdul Rachman, Provinsi Lampung

Erwin Erwin, Afif Bintoro, Rusita Rusita


The Integrated Conservation Education Forest (ICEF) of Tahura Wan Abdul Rahman (Tahura WAR) with the total area about 1.143 preserved  floras and faunas habitat hold the roles as a nature conservation area with main purposes as education, research, cultivation, culture, tourism, and  recreation activities. ICEF of Tahura WAR devided by many blocks preservation block which used as protect the plants and faunas, in addition the affect of exploitation activity and utilization or social forestry block which used as community forest models that managed by people which have the structure and composition of vegetation. The research was conducted from November to December 2015 in utilization block of Tahura WAR with the purpose to identified the composition, structure, and vegetation diversity. The method used  in the research was survey, and the methods of sampling was random sampling about 19 plots. The result of the study showed there were 728 species of plants consisted by 275 species of under plants, 97 species of seedlings, 137 species of saplings, 76 species of poles and 143 species of trees.

Key words: composition, structure, great forest park Wan Abdul Rachman

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