Kontribusi Agroforestri Terhadap Pendapatan Petani di Kelurahan Sumber Agung Kecamatan Kemiling Kota Bandar Lampung

Ulfa Nur Kholifah, Christine Wulandari, Trio Santoso, Hari Kaskoyo


Sumber Agung community depend their life as a farmer with agroforestry management in Tahura Wan Abdul Rachman. Agroforestry system used has different characterics therefore have impact to farmers income. The purposes of the research is to analyze the amount of  contribution farmers income based on condition of agroforestry characteristics cultivation. The research used revenue proportion method and K Means cluster. The variables that become consideration namely total area, total plants, plant spacing, farm distance and agroforestry income. The result showed that the agroforestry contribution reach out Rp 10.660.989/hh/month and if compared with minimum income standart of Bandar Lampung City, its value show that the farmers income are relatively high. Farmers can be divided into six groups with different characteristics. The highest farmers income was fifth group and the lower farmers income was first group, it shows the best management is the fifth group.


Key words : Agroforestry, the contribution of income, K Means cluster, Tahura

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23960/jsl3539-47


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