Tingkat Kenyamanan di Berbagai Taman Kota di Bandar Lampung

Bunga Choirunnisa, Agus Setiawan, Niskan Walid Masruri


Bandar Lampung is a city that is fast on the development, these would have an impact on the incresing life necessities thus prompt the development to increase the quality and quantity of supporting infrastructure. Green open space is required as a urban landscape stabilizer. City park is part of the green open space that helps to improve the ecological and environmental quality around the park is located. The purposes of the study were to determine the role of city park create the comfort level used Temperature Humidity Index method, to recognize the tree characteristics and to figure out the visitor assessment of facilities in Dipangga Park, Kalpataru Park and Retention Basin Way Halim City Park. The results showed that the tree characteristics on the all of the park had low density and do not meet standarts that should be required the parks. Based on the THI value all of the city parks were categorized as uncomfortable that is >26. All of parks reaped good visitors assessment only on the ease of access from their homes. While on the assessment of cleanliness, neatness, toilet, facilities seating, places of worship and a children's play facilities reaped the worst assessment. Keywords : Bandar Lampung Urban Park, Comfort Level, THI

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23960/jsl3548-57


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