Skarifikasi dengan Perendaman Air Panas dan Air Kelapa Muda Terhadap Perkecambahan Benih Saga (Adenanthera pavonina L.)

Neneng Laila Romdyah, Indriyanto Indriyanto, Duryat Duryat


Saga (Adenanthera pavonina) has an orthodox seeds, that could be stored up to 8 months.  The seeds have a hard structure, which was covered by wax on the seeds coat.  The research aims was to determine the effect of scarification by immersion the seed in to hot water, with  initial temperature of 100oC continued by immertion to young coconut water, that gives the best effect on germination, average days to germinate, and the germinating power of saga seeds.  This research was conducted at Greenhouse in Integrated Field Laboratory, Agriculture Faculty, University of Lampung, on May 2016.  Randomize complete design in 5 treat-ments was applied as research design. The treatments consisted of scarification by immersion to hot water temperature of 100° C, continued by immersion to fresh water temperatur (24oC) for 24 hours; immertion to hot water temperature of 100° C continued to young coconut water for 6 hours; 12 hours; 18 hour; 24 hours.  Bartlett examination was used to analyze data homogenity.  Analysis of variance was applied to figur out the effect of treatments given.  The results showed none of the treatments with young coconut water was increasing germination of saga seed.

Keywords: hot water, saga seeds, scarification, young coconut water

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