Penggunaan Berbagai Media Tanam dan Inokulasi Spora Untuk Meningkatkan Kolonisasi Ektomikoriza dan Pertumbuhan Shorea javanica

Wiwin Febriani, Melya Riniarti, Surnayanti Surnayanti


Media is a decisive factor to succed the ectomycorrhizal colonization and plant growth. This study aimed to get the best planting media to increase ectomycorrhizal colonization and growth of Shorea javanica. The experiment was conducted in a greenhouse for four months.  The experimental designed by randomized complete design with four treatments upon the planting media: soil, sand, husk and cocopeat. Ectomycorrhiza given as spore suspension  (Scleroderma columnare) of 20 ml each plant. Data were analyzed using the Bartlett test to determine homogeneity of variance followed by analysis of variance and LSD. The results shown that the sand provides the best results compared to another media to form  ectomycorrhiza colonization; while sand and soil were the best media to support the growth of S. javanica with inoculation of S. Columnare.


Keyword : colonization, ectomycorrhiza, Shorea javanica, planting media

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