Faktor Pendung dan Peran Brigade Pengendalian Kebakaran Hutan pada Balai Taman Nasional bukit Way Kambas

Sukarman Sukarman


During the last 20 years, Way Kambas National Park’s area has experienced of the habitat damage, is among other things caused by a forest fire and to be triggered do not only natural faktor but also effect of is act human being. Role and also worker very needed to take care of and look after Way Kambas National Forest. Objective of this research is to learn the relation between supplementary faktors and roles of brigade of forest fire to forest fire prevention at Way Kambas National Park. Population as well as samples were 41 peoples. Data was analyzed by rank Spearman correlation. Result of research showed that the role and also in contribution of activity of forest fire control was at moderate category and no significance result on correlation between supplementary faktors and roles of brigade of forest fire.

Key Word: role, forest fire, national park, brigade.

Full Text:


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23960/jsl35104-115


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