Partisipasi Kelompok Wanita Cinta Bahari dalam Upaya Konservasi Hutan Mangrove

Desy Desmania, Sugeng Prayitno Harianto, Susni Herwanti


Most area of Margasari village was mangrove forests. Therefore, Cinta Bahari Women’s Group, make mangrove forests as a source of life and their economic income. Cinta Bahari Women’s Group was a group of women who always be active in the processing and the utilization of non-timber mangrove forest products namely jeruju leaf (Acanthus Ilicifolius) and pedada fruit (Sonneratia Caseolaris) to serve as processed food ingredients. The purpose of this research was to identify the activities which were undertaken by cinta bahari women’s group of mangrove forest conservation. This research was conducted at Lampung Mangrove Center, Margasari Village, Labuhan Maringgai District, East Lampung regency by using purposive sampling method. The number of respondents was 41 people. Based on the result of research, the aspect of protection in the effort of conservation of mangrove forest was categorized good with percentage of 88% which was supported by the activities of plant protection jeruju (Acanthus ilicifolius) and fruit plants pedada (Sonneratia caseolaris) from disturbance of animals and human disturbance; preservation aspect was categorized good with percentage equal to 54% which was supported by the stitching and nursery activities of mangrove plants; utilization aspect was categorized good with percentage equal to 58% which was supported by the utilization of mangrove forests as processed foods, beverages and medicines.

Keywords: Margasari village, Mangrove forests, Cinta bahari women’s group, mangrove forest conservation.

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