Partisipasi Masyarakat pada Pengembangan Agroforestri dalam Program Kemitraan di KPH Unit XIV Gedong Wani

Rian Setiawan, Indra Gumay Febryano, Afif Bintoro


The establishment of Forest Management Unit (KPH) is a solution which being implemented by the government to overcome forest land conflicts in Indonesia, one of its implementation is by implementing partnership programs in agroforestry. This research purposed to analyze the factors influenced community involvement in the partnership program. The data collection were done by giving questionnaire and interviewing the community, the collected data then were analyzed with discriminant analysis (internal factors) and descriptive analysis (external factors). Based on the results of this research, the internal factor that gives positive impact tocommunity involvement is community knowledge about the partnership program. Then, the external factors that give positive impact to community involvement are socialization and community services provided by KPH and related stakeholders. An evaluation should be done immediately by KPH related tomethods of socialization to farmer groups and KPH also need to improve services in community empowerment activities through other similar programs by involving related stakeholders to collaborate.


Keywords: agroforestry, community participation, forest management unit, forest partnership program, tenurial conflict.

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