Populasi dan Pola Sebaran Burung Kuntul Besar (Egretta alba) di Lampung Mangrove Center

Puja Anggriana, Bainah Sari Dewi, Gunardi Djoko Winarno


Lampung Mangrove Center (LMC) is a location model as a dedication Lampung University in mangrove forest management that can be used for “Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi”, including research on greater egret (Egretta alba). Research conducted by large birds (E. alba) is important to do, as one of the conservation efforts in LMC. The purpose of this study was to determine the population and the distribution pattern of Greater egret (E. Alba). The methods used in the three locations are Line Transect method, GIS method, and Literature method. The research analysis using population prediction, total population and bird distribution pattern with Morisita Index. Results of the study with a total of 1620 minute studies found greater egret (E. Alba) on field locations 64 frequency, at pond location 66 frequency and at mangrove forest 8 frequency, so the total encounter of greater egret (E. Alba) are 138 frequency. The distribution pattern of Greater egret (E. Alba) life in LMC is the random distribution with a Morisita Index value is 0,27 and Hernowo population prediction of large egrets value is 8 individuals/ha and Nurhasanah total population is 12-13 individuals/ha.

Keywords: greater egret bird, distribution pattern, population

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23960/jsl3673-80


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