Jurnal Teknologi & Industri Hasil Pertanian

Jurnal Teknologi & Industri Hasil Pertanian with an ISSN (print) register number of 1410-3044 and an ISSN (electronic) number of 2302-4399 published original articles relevant to the science, technology, and industry of agricultural products including basic and applied topics of processing, preservation, packaging, nutrition evaluation, food safety, quality control and assurance, as well as agroindustrial technology and management. This journal is published twice yearly, in March and September, by the University of Lampung, and managed by Department of Agricultural Product Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, cooperated with Association of Indonesian Food Technologist (PATPI).

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Vol 24, No 2 (2019): Jurnal Teknologi & Industri Hasil Pertanian

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Dewi Sartika, Sutikno Sutikno, Neti Yuliana, Syarifah R M
Fibra Nurainy, Azhari Rangga, Mahesa Reyhan Prayoga
Kurnia Harlina Dewi, Valentina Bernita, Sigit Mujiharjo
sutrisno adi prayitno