Kondisi Populasi Dan Pola Penyebaran Anggrek Eria Spp. Di Resort Balik Bukit Taman Nasional Bukit Barisan Selatan

Kurnia Albarkati, Indriyanto Indriyanto, Yusnita Yusnita


Forest area of Balik Bukit Resort allocated as regions of natural preservation.  This area hasmany potential/natural resources that could be developed. This area is located at BukitBarisan Selatan National Park which have diverse types of flora, including various types oforchids. Approximately there were 154 typeof orchids in this area(Indonesia Institute ofSciences, 2011). This research aims were to know the population and distribution patterns ofEria spp orchids.This research was conducted in August 2015. The method used is the doubleplots systematically method with sampling intensity (SI) 0.1%. The size of each swath of 20 mx 20 m and the total area of the Balik Bukit Resort was 3,560 ha, so that the total number ofsample plots were 90 units. The observed variables were types of Orchid, Orchid populationsand patterns of spread of Eria spp. Based on the results of the study, there were 10 different types of Eria spp.. Eria iridifolia found most of 22.50 individuals/ha compared to other typesof orchids Eria. Followed by the type of E. erecta of 14.72 individuals/ha E. flavescens andtype of 8.33 individuals/ha. Whereas other types is E. discolor, E. javanica, E. junghunii, E.mucronata, E. oblitterata, E. retusa, E. robusta has a density of 1 — 4 individuals/ha.Distribution pattern of the orchids E. discolor, E. erecta, E. flavescens, E. iridifolia, E.javanica, E. mucronata, E. obletterata, and E. retusa enter into the category of a huddle.While the orchids E. junghunii belonging to the category of uniform and the orchids E.robusta into random categories.

Keywords: distribution pattern, Eria spp. orchids, population

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23960/jsl151-13


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