Pengaruh Tutupan Lahan terhadap Insidensi Pneumonia pada Balita di Provinsi Lampung

Adhitya Adhyaksa, Samsul Bakri, Trio Santoso


Land cover changes caused ecological disturbance. Ecological disturbances increase theincidence of Pneumonia toddlers. The purpose of this study was to determine changes in landcover and land contribution classes on the incidence of Pneumonia toddlers. This study wasconducted from March to December 2015 on the research area of Lampung Province. Landforest cover change detection using Landsat imagery in 2002, 2009 and 2014, resulted in thepercentage of land cover. The impact of land cover change on the incidence of Pneumoniatoddler calculated by multiple linear regression model. Proved that there is a relationshipbetween changes in land cover with an incidence of Pneumonia toddler. Land class variablesthat significantly affect the incidence of Pneumonia is a private forest with a p-value = 0,047,and developed land with a p-value = 0,004, open land with a p-value = 0,054, while thepopulation density variable has a p-value = 0,000. In addition, state forest as one of landcover category does not have significant effects in this study.

Keywords: land cover, multiple linear regression, pneumonia incidence

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