Production Analysis of Green Mussel (Perna viridis) in Lampung Province

Sulvina Sulvina, Zainal Abidin, Supono Supono


This study was conducted to find out factors affecting and level of mussel production, level of efficiency of using the tools and materials in cultivation process and whether the cultivation of mussels in Pasaran. This study was analyzed using Cobb-Douglass. The study were analyzed in quantitative descriptive, multiple linear regression analysis, and analysis of efficiency. The dependent variable (Y) is the result of production of green mussels cultivation and free variables are the number of bamboos (X 1), the amount of strap (X2), grouper (X3) and labor (X4). Mussel fisherman in Pasaran NPM with Px calculated to obtain the level of efficiency of each factors of production in messels cultivation. Studies show that the most influential factors production are variable bamboo, rope and labor. While the results of analysis the level of efficiency of using tools and materials is not efficient. The number of bamboo and labor should be reduced, because it tends to be a waste and not profitable either technically or economically. The value of the return to scale of 1.22 showed cultivation mussels are on increasing return to scale.

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