The Formulation of Corn Tempeh Flour (Zea Mays L.) and Wheat Flour toward Chemical, Physical and Sensory Characteristics of Baked Brownies

ayud pratiwi


The objective of this research was to obtain different chemical, physical and sensory characteristics of baked brownies from various formulations of corn tempeh flour and wheat flour, and to obtain the formulation of corn tempeh flour and wheat flour which produces brownies with the best chemical, physical and sensory properties. The research was arranged in a Complete Randomized Block Design with six treatments and four replications. The treatments used were A1 (100%: 0%), A2 (90%: 10%), A3 (80%: 20%), A4 (70%: 30%), A5 (60%: 40%) and A6 (50%:50%). The data were analyzed using ANOVA and further tested using Honestly Significance Difference (HSD) at levels 5%. The results showed that the best treatment was on A6 (50% corn tempeh flour : 50% wheat flour) with moisture of 17,14%, ash content of 1,96%, protein content of 8,54%, fat content of 13,60%, carbohydrate content of 58,77%, development degree of 77,83%, the resulted color blackish brown with RGB (Red, Green, Blue) index value with 0,293 of red, 0,240 of green and 0,467 of blue, an aroma score was slightly typical of corn (2,61), a taste score was slightly taste typical of corn (3,02), a texture score was slightly tender (3,21) and an acceptance of overall score was like (3,63).


Keywords: brownies baked, corn tempeh flour, wheat  


brownies baked, corn tempeh flour, wheat

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