PROFIL CEMARAN Pb, FORMALDEHID DAN MIKROBA PADA IKAN ASIN KEPALA BATU, IKAN ASAP DAN TERASI DI KECAMATAN DENTE TELADAS KABUPATEN TULANG BAWANG [Contamination Profileof Pb, Formaldehyde and Microbes in Products Kepala Batu Salted Fish, Smoked Fish and Shrimp Paste in District DenteTeladas TulangBawang]

Febrinawati Febrinawati


This study was aimed to determine the contamination level of Pb, formaldehyde and microbes in fish product (kepala batu salted fish, smoked fish and shrimp paste) of District Dente Teladas Tulang Bawang’s producer.  Results showed that Pb contamination in shrimp paste was high (1.47 - 2.18 mg/kg) and exceeded standard maximum limit of SNI 7387:2009.  The SNI exceeded maximum limit of microbial contamination was found in kepala batu salted fish from the 3rd producer in the amount of 6.43 log colony/ml.  However, there was no formaldehyde found in all of the samples.

Keywords : contamination, fish product, formaldehyde, microbe, Pb.

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